Sunday, June 07, 2009


Here is the address.....continuing on from this blog.

Friday, June 05, 2009

No blogging yet...

So the reason I haven't continued that I've blogged too much!
I have run out of room to post anymore pictures.
So I deleted 2006 because I have already printed that blog book, thinking I would gain more room....nope.
So now I need to either pay $$ and buy more space to upload pictures
Start a new stay tuned and I'll see if I can figure it out this weekend.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Florida - Day 9 (Aquatica)

Tim and the kids
We had Papa Johns pizza picnic after the waterpark
mmmm it is good
Yum pizza
Like animals trying to get inside the playground

Florida - Day 8

Lincoln loving the water
Floating about in the warm morning weather....
Taking it easy by the pool
Libby floating around with her googles
Lincoln in his spiderman tube
More swimming, determined to pass Sunfish
Another break this time with some popcorn

Florida - Day 7 (Libby & Krysta's Birthdays)

Birthday morning....she's 4 years old. She is surprised at what she sees
Pink balloons everywhere....of course Lincoln starts right away trying to pop one
She found her card.....
Pretty giddy while we drove to Magic Kingdom
There is the big sign....we are here

Mommy's & Daughters in Disney World
The two birthday girls....with their birthday buttons. Everyone that worked at Disney would constantly be telling them "Happy Birthday".
Walt, Mickey & the castle
They were pretty excited they were at Magic Kingdom
Doing a jumping pose
Posing in front of her name....Liberty Square
Mackenzie jumped up for a pose
Then of course Jay wanted to pose
Lincoln & Daddy on their horse
Libby on her horse
Jay & Krysta on the Carousal
Mackenzie on her horse
Me posing with Libby on her horse
My horse was behind their horses
Peter Pan ride
Lincoln not sure of what to think of the ride
More small world riders
It's a small world
Jay & Krysta
Harvey, Mackenzie, & Libby in the circus car
In the teacups....
He liked the teacups
In the dumbo ride
Just posing for a picture
Libby not sure what to think of the singing....
At lunch they sang Happy Birthday to Krysta and Libby....Krysta, not so impressed
Our little Minnie Mouse
Minnie's house
Lincoln on Minnie's couch
Mackenzie & Libby on the couch
Minnies sewing room
Minnies kitchen
Minnies backroom
Waiting for the water to pop up
Poking at the water
Waiting for the train
waiting...for choo choo
On the train
Watching out the window
Enjoying the cool breeze
Jay & Lincoln on the train
Thunder Mountain...about to go
Tim & Gloria in front of Libby & I
Going around the bend on Thunder Mountain
Inside the Jamboree
Bears Jamboree
Talking heads on the wall
Libby, Donald Duck & Mackenzie
Lincoln walking closer, Libby following
And the pose
Her Mickey icecream
On the Pirates of the Caribbean ride
Pirates ride
There are 2 sambraros...but where are the kids
Tim & Lincoln by the fountains
Waiting in the heat for the parade to start
And here it comes...
Mickey & Minnie start the parade off of course
The Beast came over to the kids, they didn't even flinch
Kids watching the parade
Snow White
Mary Poppin's float
Cinderella's float
Woody and Jessy
Inside the castle
Story time with Belle
Tim and Libby watching the story
Belle telling the story
Lincoln hanging out
Grammy & Lincoln in front of the castle
Holding a sweating tired boy
Watching the castle show
He was bored and would rather click his seat belt
All of us with Walt & the castle
The show in front of the castle...all the princes' and princesses'Everyone at Chilli's for Birthday supper
Birthday supper
Libby loves corn on the cob
Tim & Libby watching the balloon lady make Lincoln's balloon monkey
Libby & her balloon flower
Mackenzie with her and Denise's balloons
Libby posing on the steps
Tim & Libby doing a dramatic pose
A kiss in front of the castle....she loves her daddy
Tim, Lincoln & Buzz Lightyear
Girls outside of the Buzz Lightyear ride
P.Ted, Gloria & Linda on Buzz ride
Sleeping Beauty & Libby
Cinderella & Libby
Belle & Libby
Libby, Belle & MacKenzie
Getting her face painted
She sat so still, said she was thinking about the Peter Pan ride
Posing on the bench
One Tinkerbell and Wishes face paintings
Lincoln refusing to look at the camera
Libby hitching another ride
The little light in the sky is Tinkerbell flying down from the castle
They were really great
Out cold after a magical day
Out cold....slept in his clothes